What are components in Angular?
May 11, 2020

💡 Components define areas of responsibility in the user interface, or UI, that let you reuse sets of UI functionality. 

A component consists of three things:

1. A component class that handles data and functionality.

In this post, Five Common Features Of Angular's Template Syntax (With Examples), the product data and the share() method in the component class handle data and functionality, respectively.

2. An HTML template that determines the UI.

In this post, Five Common Features Of Angular's Template Syntax (With Examples), the product list's HTML template displays the name, description, and a "Share" button for each product.

3. Component-specific styles that define the look and feel.

Though product list does not define any styles in this post, Five Common Features Of Angular's Template Syntax (With Examples), this is where component CSS resides.

An Angular application comprises a tree of components, in which each Angular component has a specific purpose and responsibility.

You can add more components by just clicking on "New Component" in the browser window when you run your Angular application. 


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