How to get Current Hour, Minute and Second in JavaScript?
August 13, 2020

Using JavaScript Date Objects we can get the current hour, minute and second as well as manipulate those numbers.

Get Hour

The getHours() method returns the current hour of any specified date. It will return hour from 0 to 23.

So, we can create a date object first and then using that date we can get the hour.

var d = new Date();

// 2

Get Minute

The getMinutes() method returns the current minutes from a date as a number from 0 to 59.

So, similarly like hour, we can create a date object first and then using that date we can get the current minute.

var d = new Date();

// 8

Get Second

The getSeconds() method returns the second of a date as a number between 0 to 59.

So, similarly like hour and minute, we can create a date object first and then using that date we can get the current second.

var d = new Date();

// 14

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