How to create an empty array in Swift?
March 7, 2020

We can create an empty array by specifying the Element type of your array in the declaration.

For example:

var numbers: [Double] = []

var names: [String] = []

// The full type name is also allowed
var emptyFloats: Array<Float> = Array()

Add value to the array:


Also, we can just append a variable. For example,

let myName = "Yogesh"

Add multiple elements at the same time by passing another array or a sequence of any kind to the append(contentsOf:) method.

names.append(contentsOf: ["Shakia", "William"])

You can add new elements in the middle of an array by using the insert(_:at:) method for single elements and by using insert(contentsOf:at:) to insert multiple elements from another collection or array literal. The elements at that index and later indices are shifted back to make room.

names.insert("Liam", at: 3)

To remove elements from an array, use the remove(at:), removeSubrange(_:), and removeLast() methods.

names.remove(at: 0)


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