How to create a Random Hex Color generator using JavaScript?

March 26, 2021

Elements setup using HTML and CSS

Let’s start with the basic HTML elements and styling those elements.

Let’s add a span element with an ID that will be used to change the HEX color code in it. Initially we can set any HEX color. I have set it as #bbbbbb.

Also, using CSS I have set the same background-color so that we can visually see how the HEX color code looks like every time we get the random one.

There are two few ways to change the HEX code and background-color for the span. We can either use setInterval and that will keep refreshing it for us periodically or we can just add a button to get the click from the user and show the color until user clicks on the button and ask for a different color.

Let’s go with the second method since it will give user a chance yo copy the color if they like it.

Looks much better now. I have added a bit style for the button with wrapping the span tag with a p tag to create a nice gap between the elements.

JavaScript function

Let’s add the JavaScript function now. But before that let’s understand the different things we need to make the complete function.

The color numbers start at 0(Black color) and end at 16,777,215(White color). That’s equal to a total of 16,777,216 unique colors.

What we are going to do is make a random HEX color using Math.random() method and total number of colors. After that we can just round the random number we get using Math.floor() method. Finally, we can using toString() method to convert the number into a string.

That’s it. You have your personal HEX code generator.


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