clip and clip-path properties in CSS

March 27, 2021

clip CSS property (deprecated)

We can use clip property to show only a portion of any element for e.g. an image.

We can apply clip property only to elements with position property set to fixed or absolute.

We can clip the element in the shape of a rectangle using rect(top corner, right corner, bottom corner, left corner).

We can not clip element if the overflow property has been set as visible as its like telling browsers to do two completely opposite things.

The clip property still works but it won’t work forever. Try to use clip-path property instead.

clip-path CSS property

clip-path property is a newer and better version of clip.

With the clip-path property we can clip/show different shaped regions, not just a rectangle.

The biggest advantage of clip-path property is that it works really well with svg elements which just boost our imagination.

clip-path CSS property Examples


clip-path: circle(40%)



Checkout some really good SVG clip-path examples on MDN.


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