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About Me
Last updated on: January 1, 2021

Hey there!

I’m a web developer from Champaign, IL. On this blog, you will find all of my notes, clips from different sources and my work.

I consider myself a lifelong student and I started this blog when I was teaching myself new programming languages and I thought of sharing my notes with others so I might teach something or I might learn something via comments. Who knows!

After a while, I added all of my notes which I collected throughout my school and professional years. The topics vary from programming to security to networking to project management and many more topics. So, now, it has essentially became my big notebook which anyone can take advantage of!

Programming is evolving every single day and it’s hard to keep yourself up to date, every single day in everything. I apologize if you come across something that is not updated.

You can contact me by sending a direct message or contact me on LinkedIn if you want to get in touch and discuss about an opportunity or project.


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